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Cargo Insurance: Things to Know
Cargo insurance is needed because cargo in transit means cargo at risk. There are many insurance options for shippers seeking to protect their cargo against loss or damage, whether by accident, natural disaster, theft, war, mishandling, or spoilage. A cargo insurance policy is in effect during the transportation of your car. It encompasses damages such as scratches, dings, dents, and gouges. It also covers neglect in loading, unloading and the transportation of the car by the driver. Any resulting damage would be addressed to the cargo policy in effect by the vehicle transport company

Terms of Service
Deposit required before pickup. 100% of deposit returned only if we are unable to complete your transport job. If vehicle or equipment needs loading or unloading assistance owner must assume responsibility. We will do our best to help our customers get the cheapest loading assistance available.

About BK Reliable Transport Inc.

BK Reliable Transport Inc. is a fully licensed and bonded auto transport company located in South Florida. Whenever you need to ship your vehicle, we will guarantee that it will arrive safely; we will secure your car and make sure the cost is very effective. Our model is to pay attention to every details of our customer interest in order to provide our customers with the most stress-free auto transport.

We stress the need for personalized customer service in an industry that is driven by sales volume. We do not view our customers as numbers or freight. Rather, we believe you are entrusting us with a very valued and expensive possession. We take the time to get to know our clients, and make sure not only to simply get the best price, but to also get the best carrier to suit their personal needs. We also make sure our entire carriers pass through our company qualifications in order to ensure a smooth transport. All of our representatives at BK Reliable Transport Inc. will be able to educate you about all the details of the industry so that by the time you are ready to set up your order, you will be just as much an expert as any one of our trained staff members.

Do you have additional questions about auto carriers or the process of car shipping? Call us today at either 954-753-8233 or chat with us online to find out more about vehicle transport.
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